Patricia Filomeno

Coloring Book Artist/Creator | Entrepreneur

Born in Lima, Peru and living in Florida for the past 25 years, Patricia graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with an associates in arts degree. An artist and an entrepreneur at heart, Patricia started her coloring book journey in 2023. “A few months ago I was walking around a flamingo themed event for my business and got a sudden rush of inspiration… Something inside me told me to start painting pink flamingos. A few days later i found myself at an art supply store Purchasing an art book, new color pencils and markers….” The rest is history in the making.

Florida’s Pink Flamingo coloring book series was imagined, created and published by Patricia Filomeno in 2023.

In 2009 Patricia founded Ink Graphics Media, a graphic design firm that focuses in providing clients with all the tools necessary to succeed.