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Who is Philo?

pattyPatricia Filomeno, also known as Philo was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Philo’s childhood is strongly reflected in her paintings. An adventurous painter who is certainly not afraid of color, her painted lines virtually dance across the canvas and engage the viewer in a visual treat. She is not only an accomplished artist but also a business owner of a design firm called Ink Graphics.

Click here to read more about the artist.

Click here to visit her company’s website Ink Graphics

Recent News

Philo as the featured artist for the Florida Orchestra’s marketing materials…

The Florida Orchestra is featuring Patricia’s colorful paintings in their current Season preview. They also hired her to create a beautiful piece in a not so beautiful blue barrel…
You can take a look at how this barrel piece came together by clicking here.

Philo’s Art Gallery

“Inspiration came to me one day while looking to decorate my home. Unable to find any paintings that pleased me I decided to paint my own, that’s when I created my first piece, and haven’t stopped since.”
Click here to experience some of Patricia’s beautiful colorful creations and experience the meaning of Red.